Zoltán Németh

Zoltán Németh

Senior Engineering Manager


How not to do DevOps

Zoltán Németh is a computer geek since the age of 5. He is working in the online video industry since early 2010, when he joined Ustream as a software engineer, after more than a decade spent as web developer at various companies.

Since then Ustream grew into a multi million dollar business, finally resulting in the acquisition by IBM in 2016. Zoltán took part in several core backend developments and took on the role of an Engineering Manager about five years ago.

Since then he was responsible for the development of the streaming technology stack, both by managing the dev teams and also playing architect and technical product owner roles. He was one of the core leaders of the company's DevOps transition.

After joining IBM Zoltán continued these roles and also tries to advocate Cloud Video's solutions inside IBM while working on integrating them into IBM Cloud's fabric.