Christian & Ognjen

Kohler & Kurtić

Christian Kohler & Ognjen Kurtić

Christian Kohler & Ognjen Kurtić

Full Stack Web Developers


Pain-free migration to Angular 4

Christian Kohler is a full stack web developer and trainer at Zühlke Switzerland where he’s mainly working on Angular applications. He is passionate about open source, modern web standards, web components and ES2015+.

Ognjen Kurtić is a software developer from Belgrade, Serbia who started small with VBA and somehow ended in the jungle of Javascript. Graduated from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. Curious about programming and technology in general and keen on all things Angular.

Working as a software engineer at Zühlke, on an Angular heavy enterprise application. Some of his previous projects include enterprise retail software, T-SQL intellisense plugin for SSMS, cross-platform mobile application for a large vending company.

In his free time he enjoys walking his dog, reading about the AI and Brain-Machine Interfaces and imagining the range of possible futures for the human kind.