VDB17 Programe Committee

When we state that Voxxed Days Belgrade is a community conference, and that HeapSpace organization aims to help the local IT community flourish, we really think so.

This year, we present you the Programe Committee which will select the speakers right after the CFP closes. The Committee consists of Serbian IT community leaders, of those who spent years in developing alternative education channels, and those who strive to make Belgrade and Serbia a better place to live in.

We are proud to present this extraordinary crowd

Ivan Aksentijević

Ivan Aksentijević

Maker, thinker, hacker. CTO/co-founder at Vibe Network, Program Director at Startap Akademija.

Vukašin Stojkov

Vukašin Stojkov, Starit

An activist in the local tech & startup community, co-founder of Startit / SEE ICT.

Ana Miladinović

Ana Miladinović, Rails Girls Belgrade

Ana is a Software Developer in Gecko Solutions, mostly working with Java technologies. She likes helping with the inclusion of girls in IT as a mentor in Rails Girls Belgrade.

Milica Ostojić

Milica Ostojić, Rails Girls Belgrade

Milica is a Pirate and a Software Developer in the company Pirate Technologies. She is a Mentor at Rails Girls Belgrade workshops where she's trying to spread her love for programming, and share her knowledge. Milica is also an active member of the PHP Serbia group. Participates in many projects of professional education, as well as in promotion and inclusion of girls in IT.

Slobodan Stojanović

Slobodan Stojanović, JS Belgrade

Developer, mostly focused on JavaScript. CTO @ Cloud Horizon and JS Belgrade meetup organizer. Loves open source.

Danilo Novaković

Danilo Novaković, DaFED

I like to say this about myself: a grateful human being who has a chance to contribute to this planet. Founder/problem solver at Purezeen, a small digital agency, and co-founder of DaFED, a community that gathers IT people mostly from the city of Novi Sad, and is one of the largest IT organizations in Serbia. My natural habitat is the future and glass is always half full. I have about 8 years of experience working in agencies on the position of full stack designer who loves WordPress. At the moment the most of my work time is spent on management and UX design.

Nemanja Čedomirović

Nemanja Čedomirović, PHP Serbia

Co-founder of PHP Serbia and host of the first IT podcast in Serbia. Writes for agilizing.us, which started as a first agile blog on Serbian and it’s now a part of Agile Coaching Serbia community. Currently serves at Bosch in the team for agile transformation.

Zoran Ševarac

Zoran Ševarac, Data Science Serbia

Zoran Ševarac is an assistant professor of software engineering at the University of Belgrade. He is a Java Champion and member of the NetBeans Dream Team. He is the founder and lead developer of the world's leading open source educational Java neural network framework Neuroph, which won him the Duke's Choice award in 2013. He is a lecturer for Java courses at Oracle University. He is also a co-founder of the deep learning startup DeepNetts. He is a regular speaker and Programe Committee member at JavaOne conference.

Aleksandra Krstonošić

Aleksandra Krstonošić, IT Girls

Student at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, soon to be Engineer of information technology and systems, newbie Java developer who strives to become Full-stack Java developer, ITgirls board member trying to promote and include girls in IT world.

Darko Fabijan

Darko Fabijan, Ruby Serbia

Developer & entrepreneur. Co-founder of Ruby Serbia, Rendered Text and Semaphore CI. Helping developers ship software faster.

Igor Spasić

Igor Spasić, HeapSpace

Ever since he was small, he loved programming and hated computers. HeapSpace founder.

Miloš Žikić

Miloš Žikić, HeapSpace

Entrepreneur, Engineer, Runner. HeapSpace Board member. Founder & CEO of SpiceFactory—Digital Innovation Company that created Koncept, Sava and Cognito among many other products. Previously co-founded 2 startups and has been leading engineering teams in the product manager role for many years before.