HeapSpace organizes the third edition of

Voxxed Days Belgrade


Voxxed Days Belgrade 2015 was the first Devoxx-branded event in this part of Europe.

Noted the most numerous of all Voxxed Days events in both 2015 and 2016, we decided to scale back a bit this year.

Our focus was on feasible timetable, interesting topics and good speakers.


International speakers:
45 in 2015
95 in 2016

550 in 2015
800 in 2016

Who are we?

We are HeapSpace, a non-profit organization from Belgrade, Serbia. We often say we are in love with technology, but our ultimate goal is sharing knowledge and helping local tech scene flourish.

Voxxed Days Belgrade is HeapSpace’s only commercial project by far. By supporting Voxxed Days Belgrade, you are supporting the growth of local tech community.

This is the VDB17 Team