Alex King


Discovering DevOps: A 10k Foot View of Gogo DevOps

A year ago, a single application change would take days or weeks to deploy and involve many hand-offs and inevitable mistakes. Now, we’re doing about ten application deployments to production a day, and far more to the non-production environments. Come along and learn about our journey to becoming an effective DevOps organization, and the pitfalls we learned along the way.

Full abstract

Every organization has their own definition of DevOps, and it is important that it is discovered naturally.

Wherever you are, though, there's a wide range of tasks and activities that need to be addressed on a day to day basis that drive things like site reliability, release engineering, organizational efficiency, and much more. By instituting a DevOps culture, it's possible to simplify or entirely eliminate many of the Yak Shaving tasks that make safe change hard. There are many approaches to solving these problems but sadly, it's not as simple as saying 'DevOps' three times, or installing a particular piece of software, or sending all of your developers away to a class.

At Gogo, we found that DevOps was a culture shift, and we embraced the paradigm where responsibility for successful change is placed directly in the hands of developers.

During this session, Alex King will talk about Gogo's journey to this new world and will how our tooling, organization, and outlook have evolved over time. Join us to hear about the lessons we learned along the way.