Nikola Stojiljković

Essential Dots d.o.o

Data in the continuous delivery process

Continuous delivery process is getting more and more attention, especially since the whole DevOps movement started. Package/build/dependency managers like npm, maven and composer make it easy for developers to package their code. Configuration management tools like Chef and Puppet make it easy to deploy the packages and configure the whole infrastructure. Vagrant allows developers to run on their machines (more or less) the exact copy of the production systems.

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But why is there no popular tool for managing data in a continuous delivery process? Is it too complex or too specific? In this presentation, various flows of data in a continuous delivery process are presented, ranging from simple cases of small web sites run by content management systems, all the way to complex large-scale cloud-deployed operational databases used in e-commerce containing millions of private and encrypted records, while enforcing the PCI-DSS standard.