What do testers actually do?

Testers don't just click around. Real testers don't do Ad hoc testing at all. They carefully plan their activities and help the whole team to build better and usable products, by being a part of the project team from the beginning, before the first line of code is even written. Testers write code, read code, dig into databases and logs and communicate to customers. They are the link between the code and customers.

Full abstract

If you are wondering what do testers in my teams do, I'll try to explain it in the short presentation. We code - automated functional test, help developers define and decide which test should be included in the integration test. We also read code - doing white box testing, seeing did our colleagues missed something or added something extra. We also try to manage risk, point out risky parts of applications and ways to mitigate those. Testers care about performance by helping developers build the software in the way that it is optimized and fast, we don't just measure the response times. The same goes for security. Also, we are helping developers to get wider picture of the impact of their code on the whole system. In couple of word - we help a lot. Either by investigating the quality of the code delivered, or by clarifying the requirements, and sometimes creating specification, if the team is missing it. What you will learn from this presentation: 1. Why do you need testing? 2. What can a good tester do for you and your team? 3. How proper testing can be organized 4. What to expect from your testers ( when you hire them) 5. What to look in a tester during hiring process.