Serverless chat bots with AWS Lambda

How to build cheap (in most cases free) chat bots for Messenger, Slack, Telegram and more platforms in just a few minutes.

Full abstract

After a long time chat bots have been reborn with both Slack and Facebook Messenger. Why should you care and what can you do with a chat bot? Chat bots are capable of a lot of things, i.e. manage your daily standup meetings, do an onboarding for the new team members, get travel recommendations or even order a pizza!

Using AWS Lambda, the processes of chat bot deployment, maintenance, scaling and administration are almost non-existent and virtually free.

The goal of this talk is to explore how easy and cheap (actually free in most cases) it is to build a serverless chat bot for Messenger and Slack using Node.js and AWS Lambda - a quick immerse in the world of automatic chat bots.

And when already at it, why stop there? Besides these two, there are even more platforms you can build bots for, i.e. Telegram, Skype or even for some voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa.