Akos Tolnai

AbilityMatrix, Inc.

5 HW Startups - Lessons learned while mentoring

1 successful crowdfunding campaign, a successful Web Summit presence resulting in second round of funding and putting other HW startups back on track highlighted a lot of different traps that founders can avoid. The talk is about dos and donts and different strategies for the challenges each HW startup is going to face.

Full abstract

Tech founders tend to focus on the technical challenge and rarely test their ideas in the early prototype phase. Often business benefits and social presence become secondary to innovation. But in the end you need customers, and happy customers. What are the steps you can make while developing to generate customers, evangelists and how to gather feedback without the final product? How to keep the sales going without any product? Why not wait until the final prototype? What have learned with early testing? Why and how should you define the business value? Why lean startup methods won’t work if you are running a HW startup? How business decisions like patenting or open sourcing can make or break your build up and content marketing? When should you put your prototype in the hands of your first users? How can you learn? What do founders miss while testing? A lots of dos and donts for HW and IoT startup founders.