Zoltán Németh

Ustream, Inc

Scalable Service Architectures

Service oriented architectures are getting more and more widespread popularity, because of the benefits they offer. They have some design requirements though, a very important one of them is designing services (and their combinations) for scalability and resilience. We at Ustream built a couple of these in the past years and learned a lot about how to do it and what open source tools are available to achieve the goal.

Full abstract

In this talk I will describe the most important requirements of scalability, then our experience in the following areas and some others:

* stateless applications

* monitoring

* load balancing

* dynamic resource usage

* deployment

* service isolation, circuit breakers

I will show you how we achieved the above, for example where do we store our data and state if not in the application, what tools are available for monitoring, how can one build a load balance solution based on metrics coming from the application layer. I would also like to describe our automated deployment flow, and the toolset we use to utilize cloud providers dynamically.