Karina Popova

whatever mobile GmbH

Increasing Sensing Quality of Life with a SIM based connectivity solution for IoT

The proposal idea is the 'wherever SIM' that provides the network coverage wherever devices may roam – integrating 400+ radio networks in 160+ countries all around the world. SIM cards and endpoints can be easily managed in real-time via the intuitive user-interface or directly from the customer’s software application via an easy-to-integrate API.

Full abstract

The insights to be gained from data are endless. In light of this a, new paradigm of the real-time communication between things has emerged, in which the quality of life of citizens in dense urban environments is increased through the use big data and cloud technology.

Future cities are likely to feature thousands of strategically placed sensors that would record everything from air pressure and temperature to microbial content, and the data would be relayed instantly to the laptops of actively participating smart citizens, who will make critical contributions to urban planning, reducing pollution, and making the best use of finite resources.

The rapidly changing social and environmental order is becoming more complex as resources grow scarcer and populations increase, it requires just one technical integration point in IoT, which will provide technological fluency in the use big data for public benefit.

The IoT market is growing rapidly. Mobile connectivity is becoming more and more a key success factor for many IoT projects, as most use cases are designed for mobility. But even for scenarios with immobile endpoints it often makes sense to include mobile connectivity as a fallback option, especially for time critical services.

The key features, implementation and development process of whereverSIM will be discussed.