Haskell On Rails

My talk will be about my motivations for wanting smarter tools and how the current TDD & Software Craftsmanship best practices place the onus on the developer to be disciplined, whereas humans will never be as disciplined and rigorous as machines. I'll talk about the Nix ecosystem and Haskell's ‘Yesod’ web framework, which is somewhat similar to Ruby on Rails. Audience will be inspired to try out Haskell and Nix

Full abstract

For years, Ruby on Rails has been the web application framework of choice for software developers who need to *Get Things Done*. We can rapidly prototype, and then effortlessly ship. But what happens when the complexity of the system inevitably grows? We write tests, and more tests, and even more tests, and still we're on our knees, fighting fires and debugging. We need better tools. We need our machines to automatically verify the fundamental correctness of our systems. These tools have been around for a while, but until recently the 'Getting Started' material has been thin on the ground. In this talk I will show you how to get up and running and ready to build stuff with a Rails-like framework underpinned by one of the fastest and most stable languages in the industry: Haskell. The talk will cover everything from setting up a development environment, to integrating with a database and deploying to a VPS. Although this is a Haskell talk, it's from an angle of pragmatism and not academia. You do not need to know Haskell to enjoy this talk.