James Thomas

IBM Bluemix

Microservices Without Servers

Developers spend too much time maintaining servers, rather than writing software. Recently, new cloud solutions, known as 'serverless' platforms, allow developers to write microservices without servers. What does a 'serverless' application look like, how do you create one and what are the challenges?

In this session, we'll introduce the 'serverless' stack, showing developers how to write microservices using these platforms. We'll look at migrating existing applications over to this new stack, common issues and challenges that you need to consider and tools to support serverless development.

Full abstract

Servers are killing your productivity.

Rather than building better software for your users, you end up constantly distracted by maintaining computers.

Wasn't the 'cloud' supposed to fix this? It sounded so promising until we realised it was just renting VMs in someone else's datacenter. We couldn't escape 'servers'.

Until now...

With the launch of services like AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions and OpenWhisk, you can now run code on the cloud without servers!

These platforms let you build stateless microservices, combining APIs with business logic, without servers. Microservices are executed on-demand, in milliseconds, rather than having to sit idle waiting for incoming requests. Users pay only for the raw computation time used.

...but how?

In this session, developers will learn how to write “microservices” for a popular serverless platform, understanding the capabilities and constraints for the platform. We’ll look at common challenges, such as handling static file hosting, exposing services as public APIs and managing application dependencies, before explaining the solutions. Exploring emerging “serverless” design patterns will give developers the knowledge to build application architectures using these new platforms.

This session is aimed at software developers experienced in building traditional backend web applications, who want to learn how to build microservices without servers.

If you’re spending too much time managing computers, rather than writing software, come to this session to learn how to banish your servers from application development forever!