Open stack for building end-to-end IoT solutions

There's a lot of pieces needed to build a scalable IoT solution. Today most of these components exists as open source projects, which makes it easier than ever to connect large number devices to the cloud. This session will describe architecture and components of the scalable IoT solutions and open source projects that can be used to build them.

Full abstract

The session will start by covering the general architecture of end-to-end IoT systems and describe in more details the role of every component. Next, it will dig deeper into all the components and explain open source projects that implement them. For example, we will see what are field gateways and how Eclipse Kura project implements those functionalities. IoT server connector's role will be described next and we'll see how Eclipse Hono helps connecting devices to the cloud. Finally, we'll examine an architecture of the IoT Cloud and see what it takes to handle and manage large number of devices. We’ll see how all IoT cloud concepts are defined and implemented in Eclipse Kapua project.After this session, you'll have the big picture of how to connect devices to the cloud in scalable way and what open source projects to use to achieve that.