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What’s the craziest thing that happened to you that involves technology?
Nowadays, tech is integral part of our lives so I can’t recall anything in newer past that could qualify here. I guess that after some time you start to take a lot of things for granted, so this was a difficult one. But there was one experience in high school when I was visiting one tech university in Germany. In one moment we were entering an elevator in new building that was leaning towards old one in order to get three stories underground. And in blink of an eye after doors closed, I felt strong pulling force and doors opened: we were there. Later I heard that in that time students were prototyping high speed elevator mechanism to be used in 50 story building. It was really crazy to feel all that force when only travelling 3 stories, and thought my brain was blown out, my stomach wasn’t so keen to go for another ride J.
How do you see next 5 years in tech?
I really hope we would experience some new game changer until 2021. In my opinion, last was introduction of touch screen, and it really found way to everyday use in no time. Some are speaking of cloud, some about Virtual Reality, and others about Internet of Things. But I really hope that next really big thing would be beneficial for everyone, and that it wouldn’t be some fancy tech stuff that is too expensive for most of us. So my high hopes are in favor of free internet in cities and places in world where internet and information is inaccessible. Also, cheaper transportation and higher share of electrical and hybrid cars can be game changer for all of us, and this kind of tech in already in our reach, we just need to work hard to make it more affordable.
What would you tell to your younger self?
As I am still very young, I doubt that time travelling right now would be very beneficial: there is really not much to say to a teenager worrying about simple every day stuff like grades and girls J But even that teenager wanted do something that lot of people could see and use, so good for him. Only advice I would give him is the advice that I am trying to give this 25 year old guy right now: slow down sometimes. Take the moment. Enjoy coffee in peace. Enjoy in simple and small things. Take a day off to spend it with your family. Because pursuing your dreams and carrier, especially nowadays in crowded world is taking more and more from us, and sometimes we don’t even notice that.