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What’s the craziest thing that happened to you that involves technology?
My technology career took me from being almost homeless to driving a Porsche 911 in the space of five years. It completely changed my life.
How do you see next 5 years in tech?
Difficult to say; given mainstream programming is still struggling to understand software development ideas from 40 years ago, I'd say not much will fundamentally change. Functional Programming will slowly grow in popularity. For better or for worse, JavaScript will still be dominant. If I am allowed some wishful thinking, I would hope that medicine and gene editing move into the focus of more OSS developers. Watch the space around CRISPR. It could change the world.
What would you tell to your younger self?
I would tell my younger self the same things I tell other younger people: Constantly invest in yourself. Learn skills (don't just worry about formal credentials), and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Did the exhaust fall of your car? Reach for a spanner. It's not all about technical skills though; my first employer only kept me after my initial two-week trial not because I was any good at programming (I wasn't), but because I was enthusiastic and made everyone cups of coffee in the mornings.