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What’s the craziest thing that happened to you that involves technology?
It’s hard to say. Things somehow become too ordinary when you know how they work and are able to overthink everything about them. I’d say one of the craziest things that happened to me was creating a small Adobe Flash game in 2008 and showing to everyone at school. It was my first app that actually had a GUI and, in some ways, the first real “product” that I created. I remember being a bit embarrassed to share it with the world, as well as being very happy to be treated like a genius at school. I had kids, whom I've never met, texting me that they loved playing the game and adding their ideas on how to make it more fun.
How do you see next 5 years in tech?
There’re quite a few things that I am excited about in the coming 5–10 years: AI research, the rise of autonomous vehicles, biotech, space travel research etc. While I don’t think that 5 years will be enough for any of these techs to disrupt our life or change the world completely, I believe that that this will be the time when important foundations will be set. I find that exciting, as it is a great time to be a pioneer in these fields.
What would you tell to your younger self?
I’d probably tell my younger self: “Keep doing what you’re doing now.” Outside of that, I’d probably share a few winning lottery numbers – that would certainly be a life changer!