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Zuhlke Engineering

What’s the craziest thing that happened to you that involves technology?
A while ago, I installed Ubuntu next to Windows on my girlfriends laptop. During that process, the bootloader got screwed up and refused to start Windows anymore. Upon restoring the computer from the backup (that I’ve made before starting the installation), I somehow messed up and destroyed the backup. Now I had an empty hard-disk where the backup was supposed to be and a broken system. Luckily, I was able to use forensic software to recover all of the data, and save me from being beheaded by my girlfriend ;-).
How do you see next 5 years in tech?
I think the next five years in tech will bear many great opportunities to work with upcoming technologies, tools and devices. Augmented Reality might actually become something that people work with, even after the first wow-effect has gone and the one-trick ponies have galloped away.
What would you tell to your younger self?
Keep on going, you’re on the right track!