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VR Creator

What’s the craziest thing that happened to you that involves technology?
It can seems trivial, but I'm always astonished by how technologies made possible to interact and socialize with people of different countries and cultures. If I think for a moment about how many people I've met virtually (and then, sometimes, even personally)...I'm blown away. It's impressive how much I've shared, learned and build thanks to tech with people geographically thousands miles away from me.
How do you see next 5 years in tech?
In my field (VR) you can't predict which hardware/software/applications will be invented in the next 6 months, for this reason I don't have any answer to this question. But one thing is sure: 5 years for tech are not 5 years for anything else.
What would you tell to your younger self?
Feed your passion and don't be scared to take unconventional paths.