The Last Call For Papers

31 May 2016   Marija Kanazir
The Last Call For Papers

There is the Last Starfighter. There is the last supper. And we have the last call for call for papers! (yeah, it’s a bit of recursion, we know :)

We are the VoxxedBelgrade 2016 conference. They call us “the most inspiring”, “mini-Devoxx” and “wow, last year was so great”. But don’t listen to them - just come and judge for yourself!

We would really loooove to gather some great speakers, including you. Our mission is not only devoted to new technologies, but also to spread the vision to the people, the real value behind what we are doing, and your talk could make significant mindshift.

Imagine now that you are in the train, approaching quickly to Voxxed Belgrade station. Many shiny and happy ppl from the train are already ready (another recursion!) to get off on the next station, excitement is in the air, you can even hear music. And you have to decide: blue pill or green pill? (Or was it, maybe, yellow or red? No, wait: unicorn or monochrome pill?) Anyhow; go to Voxxed Belgrade and have mixture of excitement, good food, friendly people OR just pass all that by?

Your choice :)

We are calling for Your papers.

EDIT: Does Blue/Red pill offends you?

Hey guys! We were brought to attention that “Blue/Red Pill” thing may be offensive for some reasons we are not aware of. So here is our official statement on this:

  1. Read our Code of Conduct.

  2. Seriously, read our Code of Conduct. It’s there for a reason. It’s not just letters on the paper… or web site.

  3. In case you didn’t recognize from the image above, “Blue/Red Pill” thing is reference to The Matrix movie. Yeah, only one of the top 20 movies on IMDB :) And’t its all about making the choice. That is all.

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