We should build an IT job board!

30 August 2016   Tamara Prodanović
We should build an IT job board!

How did it all start?

Few guys played the “we should build an IT job board” song on repeat (to their management.) Unfortunately, they didn’t realize that they forgot to uncheck the mute option for quite some time. But then, nearly two years ago, WTWIWTG*.

  • A famous old acronym – What They Wanted Is What They Got. :)

We always had a thing for big and versatile job markets – especially the IT job market. There was just too much was going on, and we stepped in to do something for these IT guys. We saw an opportunity and took the shot – so far, it turned out great. We are working hard to prove ourselves to be an useful tool for the IT community in Serbia – whether you just started your IT career, or want to take a step further – we have something for everybody.

Our mission

Basically, our mission is to make tech recruitment faster and easier, while making the IT market more transparent. We provide a comprehensive list of IT job offers and try to cover all IT related job oppenings in Serbia. We are a place where anybody can have a sneak peek into IT companies that operate in Serbia – we collect and publish publicly available information and provide a place where former and current employees can see what others had to say about IT companies they worked for. Also, visitors can share their own experiences about these companies as well. We think that saving our visitors time when they’re trying to inform themselves about a company is a great thing, and it’s even better when you know that can find all the info you need at one place.

Candidates are persons, not just another number in a database

We treat our users as people who are here to get relevant information, advice, and in the end, their new job. We reply to each and every inquiry, no matter what the topic is, always trying to provide our users feedback honest feedback.

Our team

Behind the scenes, we are a small team, consisting of two guys and two girls. The perfect balance! Everyone is doing their own job, but together we strive to make this website a haven for all developers who are looking for their dream job.

Techy side of the story

We are a small team, so are the proportions of our development team. Our development and intervention process had be optimized to its tiniest parts. Also, seeing that most of our audience are people with IT expertise we couldn’t allow bad user experience or bad website performance.

Therefore, every page on our website is monitored and analyzed daily - not just the backend performance but the client side performance as well. For the purpose of tracking load times,we employ Infostud’s project gear5.me, which is capable of measuring real time performances so we don’t overlook bad performance while testing internally.

To be allow for fast changes, we are implementing some of the continuous integration tools.For the frontend we are using grunt and grunt tasks to automate some of the repetitive jobs at template and style compilation while for the backend we are running PHPunit tests and a few custom bash scripts to check code quality. All of this wrapped in git versioning system.

Website testing is done on all popular platforms and browsers combined with different devices and screen sizes. This way we can offer consistent display of valuable informations to many different user groups.

From all the custom features we have developed based on our website users needs, the one the one that takes the cake is our vocative module. Like with the all-around need for personalized content we observed the need for human touch in communication with our users.

Even though there is a real person behind our e-mails we wanted to ease her job just a little bit so we wrote an automated script to convert users first names to its vocative counterparts.

So here’s the funny part. Although in majority of situations this piece of code works flawlessly sometimes it fails hilariously. So, from time to times we’re stuck with sent emails that greet people with “Hi, petar@gmail.come” (see the ‘e’ at the end? So yea, software converted email address to its vocative form).


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