One Bad call for papers

29 May 2016   Marija Kanazir
One Bad call for papers

Title: Efficient Cooking with Micro Services

In short: How we used micro services and open API to cook our stuff better

Long description:

At one point, we needed a better way to handle multiple, arrrr, sources. Using just phones and paper sheets was simply not working, while our, errr, business expanded. We desperately needed to make the big move. So, we figured we should have one central place to organize all our inputs (you know, a place where the magic should be happening, and it’s not a Bad). We decided to use micro services architecture and API with mobile client.

Of course, we put a lot of effort to make the communication secure, using available technologies; and yet to remain effective. On the other hand, we had to provide simple interfaces that anyone from our…errr… business associates could use without much trouble.

We did it for us.
We liked it.
We were good at it.

All in all, we are the ones who kno…w! :)

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