Shake hands with Belgrade - Day 1

28 June 2016   Jovana Radovanović
Shake hands with Belgrade - Day 1

Two days in Belgrade may sounds like a city challenge, but with the help of these guidelines you will manage to snoop around this town and identify its head, middle and base notes.

Put the sneakers on, keep the laces tied and indulge yourself into the White City!

Day 1.

Top Notes – Architecture

Brutalist architecture attracts more and more attention lately. Without going into philosophical debates whether it’s a trend or keen interest, one is certain – these buildings and monuments look like they come from outer space.

Genex Tower is the first brutalistic building that will certainly draw your attention when arriving in Belgrade. It’s one of the highest skyscraper also known as West Gate of Belgrade due to its welcoming tourist position (located near the airport).

The Palace of Serbia (formerly known as Palace of Federation) is another monumental building located a few bus stations away from Genex. It’s a truly brutalist gem and remarkable example of the post World War II architecture. SIV is home to one of the biggest collection of contemporary FRY artworks, which unfortunately aren’t available to general public.

Middle Notes – Art

If you are looking for some good art place to visit, U10 is the right stop for you. U10 is an independent exhibition space located in the city centre (Kosovke devojke 3) with vibrant and dynamic program.

The place promotes young artist and here you can find all type of art media - from photography and paintings to video installations and sculptures.

Base Notes – Food

If you are interested in experimenting with traditional Serbian fast food then ‘‘pljeskavica’’ should be on your TO-EAT list. Stop at the BBQ point ‘‘Halo Leskovac’’ (Makedonska 22) and try Serbian version of burgers served in ‘‘lepinja’’ – traditional thin bread. If you are more of a bistro-lover then Dokolica Vracar (Kralja Milutina 1) is a place to check out.

This small, unpretentious bistro will surprise you with its simple yet delicious menu!

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