Conversational UI - The New Kid in Town

27 September 2016   Miloš Žikić

As humans we are on a path to constant evolution and we tend to be smarter, faster, do more, have more fun…

Technology is here to help us do that, and what most of technology providers still have trouble figuring out is that technology should not be standing on our way. It should augment our daily lives and make them better.

This is the goal we pursue every day at SpiceFactory. We try to make what we call “invisible technology”, software systems that will have no learning curve and will feel natural to use, practically invisible.

A new kid has come to the town – the messenger platforms opened up and is allows us to create new experiences as a part of a the natural daily communication we do. The age of chatbots and personal assistants is coming. Siri is well known, Cortana and Alexa joined, Google Now knows a lot about your life already, all of them try to make our lives easier.

But what to do when you are at the conference? Wander around through the hallways, search for schedules, try to plan where to go and what to see, sweat while you try to use conference apps and figure out a way to ask a question to the speaker or find somebody to network…OR…

Meet Sava - your conference buddy!


Sava premiers at Voxxed Days Belgrade so be gentle ;)

You can ask it info about Serbia, what you should eat, where to find the best beer and so on. You can also ask something like “Find talks about javascript that I can visit today? Or maybe Day 2?” , “When is Scott Amyx?” or try your luck :) During the talks you can rate and ask questions or again search for a beer. :)

Sava is available as a Facebook Messenger chatbot, and you can add him as a friend or start chatting with him via:

And while you chat with Sava try to find the folks from SpiceFactory to provide feedback back to us. We are a lovely crew and this is how we roll:


If you like what we are saying above, and like what you see on our careers page you should consider reaching out.

But seriously we want to be a place where incredibly talented individuals are empowered to put their best work into the hands of millions of people. We play this as a team sport and we are as good as our weakest link is, therefore we value your talent, ideas and energy. This is what will bring us to the next level and keep us spicing up the world as we grow.

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