How one CFP changed my life

27 May 2016   Marija Kanazir
How one CFP changed my life

So, honey, where did this all come from?”, gasped Dave’s wife, while wiping the sweat from her forehead. Dave gave it a serious consideration. She’s right, he thought. In the last couple of days, things were just different. Something has changed. He began listing: he shaved his beard, changed his favorite coffee shop, and started running. He also noticed he was more focused at work, and he has even learned how to make his kid’s favorite cake. Really, where did all of this positive changes suddenly came from, he thought?

Then it struck him: Voxxed Belgrade! There was something mystical about that one Call for Papers click, that affected his life on so many levels. He couldn’t believe how just one click could ruffle his entire life. Even though he didn’t even know where the hell that mysterious city of Belgrade was (the place where the conference is taking place), he remembered hearing impressive stories about that nation’s idea of fun and specific Balkan’s lifestyle he wanted to meet.

That’s right - this is where all of this positive energy came from! I have to tell John about this, he thought! He’ll love it!

Baby…”, he said to his breathless wife, “one more round?” :)

She smiled mischievously and they continued jogging in the park.

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