VDB16 for Undergraduates

24 September 2016   Voxxed Team
VDB16 for Undergraduates

After months of preparations we are here at the very doorstep of VDB16 event.

We couldn’t be more excited, the event is bigger in numbers of attendees, we have 70 foreign speakers coming to Serbia, we have build the scenery from the ground up in Belexpocenter and we are almost ready to kick off!

But, during the last week before the conference, we wanted to do a little giveaway. Creating a short list of questions for undergraduates to fill in and apply for a free ticket for VDB16 made us all remember our college days.

And we were more than happy to grant 30 Undergraduate tickets to students across Serbia. The value of being part of VDB16 is immense, but if we are talking in numbers, this would be a 12K euros worth of a giveaway!

110 Undergraduates applied and they are currently in the process of confirming their student status. All the major faculties will have their representatives at Voxxed Days Belgrade: ETF, MATF, FIT, RAF, FON, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Tech Faculty from Zrenjanin, Tech Faculty from Novi Sad, and many more.

See you at VDB16!

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