23 September 2016   Jelena Bubnjević


We Innovate. We Engage. We Make a Difference

We are Nordeus, an independent games developer composed of 160 awesomely talented people from all around the world. Proudly based in the vibrant city of Belgrade, we exist to make a difference in the lives of our players, of our people and within our local community.

We do that by creating games our players want to tell all their friends about. Our game Top Eleven is one of the most successful sports game ever made — it has surpassed the 150 million registered users mark and has been played in every country in the world!

We do that by nurturing our special Nordeus culture of openness, dynamism and collaboration. Our people are our #1 game. For that reason, we work tirelessly to develop their true potential and fulfill their sense of meaning. We are friends making games.

We do that by giving back to the community that has given us so much. We are immensely proud to support the local tech and entrepreneurial scene through initiatives such as StartIT and VOXXED Days, and to inspire through our lectures and talks.

At this year’s VOXXED Days Belgrade, we have the pleasure to announce that three of our people will take to the stage and share with you their insights, perspectives and learnings. Come join us and let’s have amazing conversations!

In conversation with Netokracija’s Marko Mudrinić, our CEO Branko Milutinović is excited to share his take on our ambitious vision for the future and how it ties into that of the region’s tech scene. At the heart of the region startup ecosystem for more than six years, Branko’s unique insights are sure to be an inspiration to all.

On his end, our very own Data Scientist Miloš Milošević will tell the story behind the release our very first open-source project — a tool for sending push notifications called Pushkin. Developed with a focus on speed and experimentation, Pushkin’s versatility extends beyond mobile games to a limitless amount of applications.

Lastly, join our Head of Business Development Nikola Čavić and keynote speaker Scott Amyx in a panel entitled Need for Innovation in Enterprise and Startups. Moderated by LAUNCHubs’ Stefan Gantchev, like you, we can’t wait to see what gems come out of this talk!

Until we meet, why not go ahead and take a whirlwind tour around our awesome offices?

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

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