Here we go again!

23 May 2016   Marija Kanazir
Here we go again!

Last year we gave a promise – to organize an awesome event, where sharing knowledge and human interaction was top priority. Guess what – we nailed it!

When we speak about last year’s Voxxed now, everything’s amazing. But seriously, we had a hard time back then. It was just like being pregnant – you have a freaking hard time while it’s happening, every now and then something goes wrong, but in the end, you know that the result will blow your mind. You’ll feel pure happiness. That little thing will make you proud. Once you hear the first heart beat or the applause and the crowd whistling, you just let it all go and simply enjoy the moment.

So, last year Voxxed Belgrade was born. Now it’s time to show you what have we learned within our first year, and to grow and become the most loved child in our Devox family. :)

Stay tuned…

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