Speakers at VDB16 come from all around the world

22 August 2016   Voxxed Team
Speakers at VDB16 come from all around the world

HeapSpace community had a lot of different phases during its development. Our first decade of existence, was marked by only speaking one language, Java. And in 2012. we got tired of it.

Instead, we started dreamed of a different type of organization which is still coming to existence. We want to nurture the ability of this region to flourish despite all of its flaws. We want young people to understand that if they can’t find a job in a factory, or at the grocery store, that they can learn to code, design, or write and earn money via Internet. We don’t want them to flee the country, no.

We want them to help it grow and change.

Foreign vs Local
Foreign (72.5%)
Local (27.5%)

Voxxed Days Belgrade is bringing 70% of the speakers from abroad. For three days, 800 attendees will have a chance to speak with some of the most prominent tech speakers in the world. Exchanging ideas, and opinions, shedding light on tech hot topics will change perspective of how the Balkan region is perceived.

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