How to deliver customer satisfaction

19 September 2016   Bojana Lakušić
How to deliver customer satisfaction

It all starts with you


What brought you to Voxxed blog? Why did you start reading these lines? We assume your reasons and we can promise you this- don’t worry, this won’t be another useless text which will just waste a few minutes of your precious time.

Let us guess- you are young, ambitious and have been interested in IT for a long time and you dream of having a bright future in this sector. You are studying or you have just graduated in computer science and, among other things, you are flirting with programming. Or perhaps you have already announced to the whole world that you are head over heels in love with this field. We know- you’ve had enough of theory and you would now like to see how it all works in practice. We totally understand! And we congratulate you because you are on the right track to becoming a top-notch programmer. We are just here to help you achieve that and to be the first step towards your successful career.

How are satisfied clients born?

We will tell you right away- they aren’t. Gaining clients’ trust is not an act, but a process. This means that it takes a lot of time for a lead to become a long-term customer. To begin with, we need to devote our full time, attention and energy to the user.

Imagine a situation in which a new client wants us to create and implement new software which will facilitate his business. Full of enthusiasm, we go to our first meeting with him. Ok, the initial enthusiasm slightly wears off when we realize that the client is asking for the impossible, but we don’t give up…
We prepare loads of coffee and we get down to work. We analyze the problem considering all aspects – the software, the architecture, the infrastructure… (we are now showing off a bit using these technical terms :))

The second…and then the hundred and second meeting with the client.. In order to be completely satisfied, the client is always offered several options. Only in this way are we always certain that the user will choose the solution that best fits his needs (honestly, there is no ambiguity in this sentence- we can provide everything and we really want, first and foremost, a client who will be 100% satisfied with our work).

The story does not end after the implementation of the new software and a whole-day visit to the client’s company whose aim is to explain in detail how to ‘handle’ the software. We assure our user that we will respond to their ‘call for help’ anytime if something goes wrong.

Now we can finally breathe a sigh of relief and say - IT IS SOLVED!

It all starts…and ends with you

Have we managed to convince you that literally everything in IT starts and ends with you? From the moment the first idea of creating new software is born until its implementation…and much more than that, when you are aware that you are one of those thanks to whom a company’s business is now done much faster and more easily without delay and stress, with much less time and money invested. Yes, you are just a small screw in the whole story, but remember- in a construction every screw has its function, and if only one is missing, the construction will collapse.

Being aware that there are never enough young developers eager to learn, we always keep our door open for them. Get more information on the following link and join the team that always wins!

P.S. We are looking forward to meeting you on Voxxed Days! Come and visit our stand, play an interesting game, talk to our programmers… We will be happy to host you, explain everything you want to know and you will get some interesting presents as well. Maybe even a job! :)

See you!

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