Enlightened on VDB16, you will be

19 August 2016   Voxxed Team
Enlightened on VDB16, you will be

Last year we had, well, a food shortage. We thought we have carefully planned every meal, but as soon as we heard Mita’s voice over the radio connection we were all wired to, after only half an hour after the food was served: “We are out of food!”, we knew we were wrong. Shortly before that, WiFi crashed, and shortly before that we had 6 people stuck in the elevator. And we weren’t even half through the first day.

This year, we’ve made it impossible to ran out of food. And you can hold our word for it.

Regardless of the food, during lunch breaks we will have short, spicy tech talks, which will enlighten you ;)

Lightning vs Talk
Lightning (19%)
Talk (81%)
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