Business Track on VDB16?!

18 August 2016   Voxxed Team
Business Track on VDB16?!

After summarizing all of the interesting data we got after VDB15, we started planning improvements to the program.

A lot of people perceives the Balkans as a troubled place on the geographical map of Europe, but this region has experienced a great rise in the IT industry with more than a couple of entrepreneurial pearls such as: Strawberry energy, ActiveCollab, Fishing Booker etc.

However, what this region truly lacks is not either talent, or ideas, but a mindset that lets you mix these two.

Business vs Tech
Business (24.6%)
Tech (75.4%)

So this year we are introducing the business track. We think it’s important to talk about business topics as well, alongside with technology ones.

24,6% of talks will be business oriented this year.

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