This Is Andrea, and She Is an Artist

14 July 2016   Voxxed Team
This Is Andrea, and She Is an Artist

Yesteday, Voxxed Days crew visited seven IT companies in Belgrade. We’ve prepared gifts and had Dimitrije and Andrea deliver them.

They had fun and so did the people they were carrying presents for :)

The idea was to make an impression, to surprise people in their offices and to spread HeapSpace community spirit through our most exciting project: Voxxed Days.

Andrea wore a stunning cosplay outfit which reflected Voxxed steampunk theme.

We also had Aleksa Gajić draw theme image for Voxxed 2016 and in line with that artistic direction, we are planning all our future actions. Imagine the welcome bag content in that sense :)

Cosplay (costume roleplay) is a performance art, where cosplayers wear different costumes and accessories in order to depict a specific character.

So Andrea is a cosplayer. She is studying applied arts and creates all formidable costumes she wears. Last year she won the “Japanizam” Championship and she went to Porto to participate in the World Championship. And guess what, she won.

Andrea was declared Cosplay World Master for 2015.

She exhibited her costumes in the Belgrade Gallery “Zavod”.

She is a (photo) model.

Quite enough facts to blow us of our feet!

This is why she was a part of our surprise yesterday. And who doesn’t love anime, manga or a casual cosplay artist who happens to be a very talented individual? :)

Thank you Andrea!

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