I left my heart at VDB16

9 June 2016   Majstor za Štelung
I left my heart at VDB16

Dear Mademoiselle,

I hope this email finds the path to your heart… We met last year at VoxxedBelgrade conference. You were sitting next to me during the keynote. I will never forget how your eyes were shining when you heard word “microservices”! We were shivering together when catching the news about G1 garbage collector… Ah, my dear Mademoiselle, and during the second day we were whispering each other about stress testing and nosql databases… What memories… Remember the Arduino workshop, where our hands touched for the first time?

I have to be honest: I can’t sleep, eat, and test my code since I’ve met you! I can’t stop thinking of you and internet-of-things together… When I heard about 2016 edition of Voxxed Belgrade conference, I start preparing my docker containers to amaze you!

I left my heart at VoxxedBelgrade… please come again and help me find it. Just use brutal force.

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