M&M Challenge

7 June 2016   Voxxed Team
M&M Challenge

Last year we launched the M&M Challenge. We even had a guy draw a 3D model of the bowl and calculate the average female hand size. We were fascinated! Most of you said that there were 256 m&m’s in the jar, and you were wrong. What a silly number, right?

Since you loved it last year and some of you got free tickets for Voxxed Days 2015, we are doing another M&M challenge this year :)

Only now it’s a bit tricky.

This year you are much, much smarter. And this year, a person filming the video clips had an iPhone with slo-mo and time lapse and decided to use it all :)

Let’s cut to the chase.

Here’s the picture of two nice lemonade jars.

We want you to calculate the difference in the number of M&M’s between these two jars.

In pursuit for delta.

In the full one, there are peanut and chocolate M&M’s. Peanut M&M’s are all different sizes.

In the small jar, there are only chocolate M&M’s – all of the same size and shape.

And, to make it a bit ‘easier’ for you, here’s the video.

Share you answers on Twitter using the hashtag #mmvdb16 and tag @VoxxedBelgrade!

Good luck in winning FREE tickets for Voxxed Days 2016 and getting some cool steampunk props to go along! :)

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