Voxxed Days Belgrade, Changing the Balkan Tech Scene

4 July 2016   Voxxed Team
Voxxed Days Belgrade, Changing the Balkan Tech Scene

Back in the day, Voxxed Days Belgrade was the first Devoxx supported conference in the Balkans. We loved the label, but also knew it was a great challenge. We’ve embraced it. The idea seemed crazy the very moment we rolled it out to our ( HeapSpace ) members. And it was not passed by unanimous vote.

Eight months later, VDB15 had three parallel tracks and a lot of activities in between. Dozens of talks required larger rooms so all interested attendees could hear insightful presentations. Awesome speakers held inspiring talks and engaged listeners. VDB15 was declared the most numerous Voxxed event in 2015, with over 500 attendees.

Conference from developers for developers

Devoxx, ex JavaPolis, is an international annual tech conference organized by developers and tech enthusiasts for developers. Created 15 years ago by Stephan Janssen and organized by the Belgian Java User Group, it grew through the years, spread across many countries and today is one of the biggest vendor-independent conferences in the world. The Voxxed Days initiative developed from the Devoxx community as series of one day events with the same focus, philosophy and mission as Devoxx, which is to provide best conference environment for developers to learn, network, inspire and be inspired. Enthusiasm for technology and new possibilities at those events can be contagious.

From the oldest tech community in Serbia to an emerging tech scene

Along the way, many people have asked us what drives HeapSpace and it’s members to endure in our activities for such a long period (12+ years). We have lived through many transformations. Java was our primary focus for 10 years and in 2012, we decided to broaden our views and implicate other technologies as well as design, marketing and art in digital and code.

Taking it to the next level: Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016

Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016 changes the venue from Jugoslovenska Kinoteka to a much larger and modular Belexpocentar, the number of days goes from 2 to 3, the number of parallel tracks to 4, and it multiplies the number of speakers, topics, participants.

This year we are focusing on: emerging architectures, disruptive machines, software world, and adding the business topics such as digital innovation, entrepreneurship, growth acceleration and collaborative economy.

Top speakers from companies like Amyx+, Amazon, Indiegogo, Pivotal, Google, IBM, and many more, will be talking about IoT, Containers, Docker, Scala, Virtual Reality, Java, React, Mobile, AWS DevOps, Angular, Microservices, JVM, System Architectures, Python, Augmented Reality… The full list of speakers and talks can be seen here, and it is still being updated!

The Keynote talk will be given by Scott Amyx, CEO of Amyx+McKinsey, thought leader, speaker and author on wearables and IoT. Voted as one of the Top 10 Global Speakers, Scott will provide innovative insights on current trends. His talk will also bring business insights, which is one of additional goals of this year’s Voxxed conference. It’s equally important to share knowledge but also to connect thought leaders, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, designers, developers and businesses and to develop and grow the local and regional tech business ecosystem.

Don’t miss it, find out why it is so unique

The Balkans is the place where roads intersect and different cultures merge. There is a feeling of affiliation between the people inhabiting these areas, and a unique experience is offered to travelers who have never had a chance to visit the Balkans before.. And Belgrade… Belgrade is simply irresistible.

A newborn tech scene is blooming. Entrepreneurship initiatives are finding their ways to the youth of the region. Changing the way people think here is vital for the whole South-Eastern Europe. The same energy that makes the Balkans and Belgrade great is driving organization of Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016, creating an experience which will not be forgotten. Come and experience it for yourself. :)

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