M&M Challenge: What is the correct answer?

3 July 2016   Voxxed Team
M&M Challenge: What is the correct answer?

First off, thank you all for participating!

We had two really great answers. We are thrilled when we see that people invested some time to crack the problem :) So, a huge thanks to Boban Trajkovic and Cvetanka Trifunovska. 💖

Let’s try to unravel this challenge.

This is the number of m&ms in the full jar, both peanuts and chocolate ones [197]

The number of chocolate m&ms in the second jar is [149]

So, DELTA is 48 :)

Here’s the graph with all participants:

click here for full-size chart

Rasto Soskic WON a free ticket, for guessing the correct answer. What are the chances? :)

Voxxed Days merch and discount awards will also go to: Boban Trajkovic, Cvetanka Trifunovska, Zoltán Németh and Vladan Vulovic.

Thank you all!

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